“Know thyself”

Ruins of fTemple of Apollo at Delphi, where know thyself was once said to be inscribed

Gnothi seauton” or “Know thyself“, is the inscription on the pediment of the temple of Apollo in Delphi; it is at the basis of the principles that forged the education of Alexander the Great.

He thus demonstrated by transmitting a global empire, that he never embarked on a battle or conquest without being aware of his strengths and limitations, and that he knew how to listen to his advisers and soldiers, and to adapt to new conditions he encountered, including turning around in the Indus Valley after a last victory at Hydaspe. His generals after him, or Napoleon Bonaparte and others would not show the same Socratic wisdom….

Beyond the terrible human consequences, the health crisis of COVID19 will also have significant economic and financial consequences for corporates and investors.

The Alexander Partners team is at your disposal to help you better understand the risks associated with the situation that affects your business or your holdings or investments, but especially beyond the diagnosis, advise you on the best financial strategic alternatives* to deploy to bounce back, without falling victim to the depressive environment that may well last beyond this crisis.

*Our added value: for corporates and/or investors in preparing for bouncing back from the crisis, that is, when the operational and commercial aspects will focus your attention:

  • Analysis of the sensitivity of liquidity profiles;
  • Modeling (re)structuring of senior & junior debt, as well as equity;
  • Negotiating with financial and/or strategic investors, both local and international (whether debt or equity);
  • Structuring French and/or international strategic partnerships, establishment of joint-ventures, disposals, carve-outs and/or asset swaps, and supporting any operation that may strengthen your company in its fundamentals and core business.

Get ready to bounce back even stronger!